Stromer ST3 Launch Edition
Stromer ST3 Launch Edition
Stromer ST3 Launch Edition
Stromer ST3 Launch Edition
Stromer ST3 Launch Edition

Stromer ST3 Launch Edition

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This is a Speed Pedelec, and is classed as an L1E Moped in the UK. It requires registration with the DVLA in the UK and the appropriate licence

All bikes delivered fully assembled by dedicated in house drivers.

Available in a gorgeous British Racing Green, the ST3 Launch edition offers some attention to details over the standard ST3 Edition. A unique flexbile Brooks saddle offers ultimate ride comfort and adapts to your ride style and body. Ergonomically formed handlebar grips and extra frame detailing make it a very special bike to ride and look at. And the huge 983Wh battery is fitted as standard.

The ST3 is the latest model in Stromer's line up. Building on the hugely popular ST2 platform, it features even further integration of wires, a new SYNO Drive II motor and custom made Pirelli Tyres. 

The new SYNO Drive II motor delivers 820W of power and 44Nm of Torque through the rear wheel hub, giving smooth power delivery all the way to 28mph. 

Designed with commuting in mind, having the hub motor mounted on the rear gives excellent efficiency and speed from standstill, making it an extremely safe feeling bike to ride in traffic. Traffic lights and hills are no longer a concern as you glide up them stylishly and quickly.

The custom Pirelli tyres were developed for the 27.5" wheels to give fantastic grip in all weather conditions. Rear lights activate automatically and energy is captured back into the battery thanks to regenerative brakes. An integrated horn and front headlight with low and high beam modes gives visibility and awareness to other road users. 


Geometrically balanced frame design and a short wheel base combine to provide nimble handling for weaving through city streets. Optional handlebar positives give added personalisation and riding comfort.

The massive 983Wh battery provides up to 100 miles range and is hidden away in the frame. Completely keyless design means the battery tray is easily released at the push of a button. 


Bluetooth connectivity gives you complete control over the power settings of the motor, remote locking and unlocking and most importantly, GPS tracking. Free Over-air software updates give the latest tweaks and improvements, just like a Tesla.

The Stromer ST3 is a feat of modern bike design. Combining an impressive spec sheet with stunning looks, solid frame and integrated cable channelling, the ST3 takes Stromer one step closer to their goal: reduce the amount of unhappy commuters sat in car traffic. 


This bike is classed as a Moped due to the 28mph top speed. It can be ridden by any rider 16 or over who has either passed a CBT course or has category AM or P on their existing driver license.