Appenzeller Käse is a household name in Switzerland when it comes one of its most famous commodities, cheese. In 2011 this traditional company introduced the Stromer Employee Program to their staff. Such was the rate of employee participation that the program was offered again in 2012.

“The recipe for Appenzeller cheese remains secret and the same applies to Stromer. The Appenzeller® Stromer program for our warehouse was very successful. We managed to reduce our CO2 emission and add an element of fun to our employees daily business at the same time. The Appenzeller® Stromer’s are real eye-catchers and the best promotion for our cheese around the hills of Appenzellerland.”

Renato Caluori, Projektleiter Marketing



Swisscom, the international telecom giant, purchased Stromer fleets for its various campuses across Switzerland, integrating Stromers into their corporate mobility solution. Stromers can be reserved for use through a unique, corporate mobility app. along with other Swisscom vehicles. Employees are also availing of the possibility to commute to and from the workplace with their Stromers.

“Stromers complement our fleet of vehicles, and we have been able to offer a seamless mobility for our employees for several years now. They ecologically move quickly through urban areas and fun is guaranteed. The Swisscom Stromer Employee program was a huge success.”

Marco Reber, Head of Swisscom Managed Mobility




With around 3,500 employees and more than 2,150 vehicles at its disposal, Post Auto transports a whopping 130 million people in Switzerland on a yearly basis. In 2012, this expert in people-movement invested in the Stromer Employee Program as part of an initiative to improve the health and well-being of its workforce.

“Those who move live healthier lives. At Post Auto Schweiz AG, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is an important, daily topic – Stromer provides a precious contribution towards reaching the goal of a happy healthy workforce.”

Frau Marianne Pulfer, Stv. Leiterin Personal




The first ever company to engage with Stromer’s Customer Solutions, BKW/FMB,  the third largest energy company in Switzerland pioneered corporate engagement with Stromer when they invested in the very first fleet of Stromers for its workforce. For BKW/FMB employees, getting to and from various facilities to perform grid maintenance took up a lot of time. Now, with Stromer they can dedicate that time to other, more important things.

"Leading by example is a long Swiss tradition which BKW places high importance; that’s why we like to support innovative ideas. It was clear that we would partner with Stromer. Our collaboration is marked by mutual confidence and the will to create something new and amazing. The success of the employee project only proves this and we will continue to build on innovation."

Monika Haefliger, Leiterin Produktmanagement, BKW Energie AG






The top insurance company in Switzerland invested in the Stromer Employee Program for their Bern offices in 2010, just after Stromer was born. Today the “Mobi” is still an important partner for Stromer, providing the special Stromer Assistance insurance package.

“Swiss Mobiliar considers Stromer an innovative and ecological mobility solution for private and corporate clients.”