Stromer are world famous. 

With huge power, performance and class leading technology, they have been the world leaders for electric bikes, always being the first to break new ground.

Other bike brands look up to Stromer for inspiration. 

With such a reputation, it is easy to see why so many reviewers are keen to experience the thrill for themselves.

We've collated just a few of the reviews and mentions in the press of Stromer.

"The Stromer ST3 pedal electric cycle is a phenomenal ride – between screaming exhilaration and abject terror"

Stromer ST3, Martin Love, The Guardian

"...when the torque sensor feels you push harder, the bike accelerates like a supercar! It feels like the acceleration will never end."

Stromer ST3, electric bike action

"...a Stromer to set the Guinness World Record for longest journey on a motorized bike: over 5,000 miles in 34 days"

ST1 X EPAC, Wired

"...a well thought out, well designed machine that takes advantage of the technology at its disposal"

ST1 X EPAC, Trusted Reviews

"’s great for stealth overtaking of other cyclists on hills. They love that."

ST1 X EPAC, ebike Tips